His latest expedition had gone

It just goes to show it doesn't matter how well you plan something, things can still go wrong.Jeremy Wade, of Animal Planet's 'River Monsters', was exploring the crocodile-infested waters of Barranyi North Island, an uninhabitable cluster of islands 750 kilometres south-east of Darwin, when his crew spotted a naked man emerge out of a cave waving his arms wildly in the air.

The box jellyfish has been called 'the world's most venomous creature' Advertisement Read more: Sofa Fabric The man, a Queenslander in his 40s known only as Tremine, told the crew he had left his boat to hunt for oysters but quickly became disoriented in the heatBut his latest expedition had gone horribly wrong - after mooring his boat to search for oysters in November of last year he had quickly become disoriented in the overgrown national park. But for most of that night - which he spent with the crew in their lodge - Tremine was violently ill, vomiting and sweating heavily.

Ms Garner said Tremine had become increasingly delirious and irrational as he sought refuge from the harsh elements. Ms Garner said Tremine had been a family friend of theirs for over a decade, and would spend a few months every year at the tiny indigenous community of Borroloola to enjoy the fishing..'

After putting on a spare pair of shorts that were sitting in the boat, Tremine began gulping down fresh water with rehydration tablets. By the end he had just taken his clothes off – that’s a sure sign you haven’t got much longer to go,’ she said.When he returned, he spent the night recuperating at the Garner’s home.

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